• Professional Residential Sales & Marketing Services for the Development Industry

Experience. Judgement.

Why have our clients always relied on us?

Because of our decades of North American residential real estate experience under every imaginable market condition.
We’ve dealt effectively with 22% first mortgage rates, drastic regulatory changes, dramatic shifts in design preferences, affordability cataclysms, and much more.
We are uniquely equipped to analyze your available market and sales information, isolate significant data from background noise and propose effective practical business solutions for any marketing, advertising and sales challenges you may encounter, always mindful of your bottom line.

Because of our sound judgement.
We’ve been development partners and builder partners during our careers so we have an understanding of the many profound regulatory, market, zoning, architectural and financing challenges you face every day. In this complex environment, the ability to aid you in making prudent profitable judgements is an invaluable resource.

Deep experience. Sound judgement.
Call us now, and we’ll be happy to meet with you, without obligation, of course.

Services Include

  • Site and project analysis.
  • Recommendations as to site planning, floor plan designs and layout, unit size and mix, unit and project finishes and amenities, and sales prices.
  • Consulting on sales office set-up.
  • Review of existing market data and master marketing plan.
  • Consultation on sales centre design.
  • Review of creative for all elements of the master plan.
  • Progress reviews.